Nervous About the Phone Interview? Don’t Be!

Phone interviews are not exactly a new normal for us at Focus of Georgia, but they’re important as ever as we continue to social distance and encouraging our clients to do the same. While in person interviews are already nerve-wrecking (yes, we get it!) we imagine phone interviews hold a similar feeling for our candidates. […]

A Note of Thanks from Our President Bryan

An internet search will tell you that the average lifespan of a company is around 15 years. I’m happy and proud to say that our company, Focus, just finished our 26th year in business! How can a business outlast the average lifespan of businesses by more than 11 years? Well, that answer is really simple: […]

Your Well-Being is Important to Focus

Featured photo provided by CDC Hand Washing Campaign. View the full poster here. As a valued member of the Focus of Georgia team, your health and well-being are important to us. While many questions regarding the novel coronavirus remain unanswered at this time, there are practical, commonsense ways for you to take care of yourself, […]

Texting tips for Employees

While texting is not a new form of communication, but it’s definitely been a feature our recruiters and staff use on a daily basis. Texting is not only common but it’s a casual form of communication because we text friends, family, and other co-workers. However, texting can be a zone where we must be cautious. […]

Message from our President: Happy New Year!

The holidays come and go every year and I so enjoy a little down time with our family and friends…but then reality hits me and I get to go back to work and get back in my normal routine. Maybe I’m a little weird, but I’m more comfortable getting back to a normal schedule of […]

Does Your Resume Need to Stay at One Page?

We’ve all heard the line before, “Keep your resume to one page. Recruiters prefer it!” or “Anything more than one page is too long!” While each recruiter is different, there are some standard recruiting procedures our recruiters take when it comes to a resume and evaluating it for a potential job opening. How Many Pages […]

Five C’s for Video Job Interviews

Video job interviews have become a big thing in the industry as we’re moving toward getting to more candidates faster without having them come into our office, if it’s inconvenient for them. With any piece of new technology we adopt there’s always going to be common mistakes that happen. Even if you’re tech-savvy there’s always […]